Self Catering Stay

For guests needing accommodation for 1-12 months,  self-catering accommodation  is available with Bedroom, bathroom, wifi, private kitchenette, access to garden, pool, washing machine and Car wash.  Rates depend on length of stay

  • 1-3 months@ USD 900 per month
  • 4-8 months @USD 750 per month
  • More than 8 months @ USD 600 per month
  • Payment in advance for each month.

Other Important information especially for longer term stays:-

  • Facility for single occupancy only. 
  • Resident Guests free to use garden, outside veranda and other common areas such as dining room, living room, Swimming pool
  • PETS are not allowed.
  • The facility is non- smoking, and non- Alcohol

For enquiries contact