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Do you believe that God Talks Through Dreams- Buy and read this book from this link on how God guided me through dreams in the area of Finances and investments. The book Title is: Financial Deals from Dreams: Advice from the HOLY SPIRIT While You Sleep at Night!. You can purchase it at using the link at the bottom of this page.

About this book.

GOD longs to give supernatural guidance to us through dreams and visions in all areas of our lives. Regarding financial life, not many people know that they have access to privileged revelations on “insider deals” or financial intelligence that only GOD can give. For example GOD knows which piece of real estate will appreciate or depreciate in several years’ time. He knows in which commercial sector money will be lost or made, and he also knows when the stock exchange is going up or down. He can advise on how to avoid bad loans, or tell you which business partner to include or avoid. What is more, he longs to give this information to everyone who cares to listen. Those who love Jesus and are guided by the Holy Spirit are especially well placed to receive this information because this kind of revelation is part of the job description of the Holy Spirit as your Helper.

Question is – are we even informed about these things? You may have met many well-meaning GOD loving people who long to be givers for the kingdom of GOD, but are doing badly in the financial arena while all the time GOD wants to impart such information to them. This book gives accounts on how GOD has been guiding me supernaturally in my financial life in the last 8 years primarily through DREAMS. The book narrates about some 20 dreams and explains how, through them, GOD guided me in the areas of real estate investments, business start-up, guidance on jobs, who to hire, guidance on tithes, guidance on offerings, and where to invest in the financial institutions.

 Should you find this book useful and want to let me know about it, or if you have a question emanating from any of the accounts in the book you can contact me at, or leave your comments on our blog in this website. You can purchase the book using the following link:-